TANGIER TSUNAMI. Cover banned by Facebook

J"Joe Ambrose, thanks for driving the snakes out of Ireland." - William Burroughs

Joe Ambrose's latest book is TANGIER TSUNAMI. The cover, by British artist Jason Atomic, was banned by Facebook because of alleged sexual content.

Ambrose is the author of 14 books including the novels SERIOUS TIME and TOO MUCH TOO SOON, a biography of Iggy Pop, and extreme travel writing located in New York's legendary Chelsea Hotel.

TANGIER TSUNAMI features rough and ready short stories located in, amongst other places, London, Ireland, the Mojave Desert, and the Moroccan city of Tangier where Ambrose has lived for several years.

"A Romantic to his bones, he gets down and dirty with an episodic, discursive novel that's a paean to the drug-fueled psychosexual excesses of eighties Rave culture and the hip-hop club scene. Arrogance, ennui and motiveless acts of vulgarity rule out redemption. Inexhaustibly nasty and unputdownable." The Guardian on Joe Amrbose's Serious Time

"Joe Ambrose is the cult legend's cult legend, a multi-talented hipster with more notches than belt." - dSIDE magazine

"High octane shit." Peter Murphy, Hot Press, on Joe Ambrose’s Serious Time

"Joe Ambrose, he understands - beautifully." - B. P. Fallon

"Captures the tune of an Ireland gone wrong." - Colum McCann on Joe Ambrose's Too Much Too Soon

"Joe Ambrose, word guerrilla, pulls his pin and hurls his grenade. Scorching stuff." - Patrick McCabe, author The Butcher Boy

"I like to be in touch with the street and I can always turn to Joe Ambrose when I want to know what is going on there. He is invariably hip to what’s happening, sometimes before it happens. Sometimes he is making it happen." - Howard Marks, Mr. Nice

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"Joe Ambrose, he understands - beautifully." - B. P. Fallon

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