Zines, pamphlets, polemics co-written by, ghost written by, or co-edited by Joe Ambrose. Includes work by Hamri, Ian Sommerville, Terry Wilson, Frank Rynne, Ira Cohen, and Negativland.

Hamri's Open Letter
This account of Rolling Stone Brian Jones’ trip to Joujouka, the subsequent recording of the Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka album by The Master Musicians of Joujouka, and the hijacking of that album by powerful music industry interests, is based on hours of conversation which took place between Hamri, Frank Rynne, and Joe Ambrose.

Joe Ambrose wrote down this letter - it was vetted and approved by Hamri, who was illiterate. The pamphlet version was designed by Chris Campion and distributed at concerts in London and the U.S.A. given by Psychic TV, Philip Glass, and Bachir Attar.

As a result of the campaign which had the Open Letter at its core, the attempted hijacking of the Master Musicians' birthright was thwarted.
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Joujouka Fraud
This leaflet was distributed at a gig by Psychic TV, Bachir Attar, and Scanner at London’s South Bank Centre. Designed by Michael Rynne, written by Joe Ambrose and Frank Rynne, it was part of the same political campaign as Hamri’s Open Letter.
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Islamic Diggers Literary
This literary freesheet was distributed at live gigs and DJ sets by Islamic Diggers in the late 90s. It featured literary works by Hamri, Terry Wilson, Ian Somerville, Joe Ambrose, and Frank Rynne.
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Radio Alamut
The "catalogue" for the 1993 anti-art exhibition, The China White Show, was a literary zine designed by Peter Maybury and edited by Frank Rynne and Joe Ambrose. The cover, featuring a drawing by China White, was the only part of the zine to be printed, the printer's bill paid for by an ad from Bill Laswell's Axiom label. The inside pages were all photocopied, in keeping with the Photocopy Art theme which ran through the China White Show.

Contributors included Stanley Booth, Lydia Lunch, Allen Ginsberg, Negativland, Ira Cohen, Patrick McCabe, China White, Hakim Bey, and Genesis P-Orridge.
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