These essays all appeared in online magazines –,, and – except for Catholic University News & Times which was commissioned for a prestigious Irish-only publication. Ambrose has recently become enthusiastic about art criticism, and this interest is reflected in pieces on Joshua Reynolds and Jenny Holzer. Music is represented by reportage/recollection on Shane McGowan, Pete Doherty, and Jeffrey Lee Pierce. His involvement in Moroccan and Beat Generation affairs is marked by a lengthy essay, Tangier Beat Generation.


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LL Cool J
And DJ Cut Creator still hard as hell (outsideleft October, 2006)

Kate Moss
Supermodel when she was fifteen. (outsideleft September, 2006)

Tangier Beat Generation
On Paul Bowles, William Burroughs, and Brion Gysin in Morocco (outsideleft August, 2005)

Michael Caine
The movie star's credit card statement. (outsideleft July, 2005)

Pete and Shane
Review of Pete Doherty and Shane McGowan's secret gig. (outsideleft March, 2005)

Jenny Holzer
Review of the graffiti artist's gallery show. (outsideleft February, 2005)

Jeffrey Lee Pierce
The Gun Club leader recalled on the occasion of his birthday. (outsideleft February, 2005)

Literary Top Ten
Favourite short story, worst novel, top book shop, etc. ( August, 2003)

Catholic University News and Times
Recollecton of student life
Read Catholic University News and Times

Joshua Reynolds - Men and Empire
Review of the Tate Gallery Exhibition
Read Joshua Reynolds - Men and Empire

Dan Breen and the IRA
An Introduction to Joe's book. (the handstand )

Answering questions about Chelsea Hotel Maznhattan
(living with legends )

Memphis Rock'n'Roll
On Alex Chilton, Stanley Booth, Jim Dickinson, Chuck Prophet, Tony Joe White and Ike Turner. (outsideleft )

Destroy All Rational Thought Interview
(brink )

On Norman Mailer
(outsideleft )

Hamri the Painter of Morocco
(outsideleft )

Chelsea Hotel Manhattan interview
(lazarus corporation )


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