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Joe Ambrose has published, in anthologies or print/online magazines, a large number of short stories which divide roughly into two categories; Irish stories and Islamic stories. The Irish tales here – Pot Noodles, I Hate You and I Hate Your Jesus, and Silk Jacket – are part of a planned collection. The Islamic stories are The Fatal Advantage and Algeciras.

Coney Island Baby
NYC late night adventure, Latino homies, hassidic boys. (outsideleft October, 2006)

Silk Jacket
Dublin club promoter in the late 90s. (Em magazine, ed. Karl Sinfield)
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I Hate You and I Hate Your Jesus
DJ returns to the druggy Dublin club and art scene in the mid 90s (Shenanigans, ed Sarah Champion)
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Adventures In Morocco, (Published in Gargoyle magazine, edited by Maja Prausnitz)
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Pot Noodles
Sunday morning in 80s Dublin
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The Fatal Advantage
Islamic bomber plants bombs in London. (Pulp Books August, 2003)

Chelsea Hotel Manhattan
Extract from book of extreme travel writing. Scroll down through index. (the handstand.org )

Bird Flu
A poem of sorts (outsideleft )

Youth & Young Manhood

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Somebody Got Murdered II
Short sequel to Ambrose's first novel, Serious Time. (ioutsideleft )


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