Some Links we like

BP Fallon

Legendary pal to Marc Bolan, Johnny Thunders, Joe Ambrose. go to website >>


Magazine and small press publisher specialising in Beat and boho related material. go to website >>

Paraphilia magazine

Outstanding underground cultural magazine go to website >>

Roberta Bayley

Number 1 punk rock photographer interviewed by Joe Ambrose for his Iggy Pop biography, Gimme Danger go to website >>

George Rabe

Talented South African photographer Joe Ambrose once met in a Metallica moshpit while he was working on his Moshpit Culture book. go to website >>

Kirk Lake

Lake is one of Joe Ambrose's fellow editors on, and the author of a forthcoming biography of Rufus Wainwright go to website >>

Lydia Lunch

Site of major woman writer, performannce artist. A transgressive role model and VIP. go to website >>

richard kern

The nicest transgressive photographer superstar joe ambrose ever met. go to website >>

The Struggle Site

Invaluable anarchist archival material go to website >>

Spanish Civil War

The intention is to collect together articles and research on Irish involvement in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39 go to website >>

Paul Bowles papers

The Columbia University Archive of papers concerning Paul Bowles. Most of the letters in the collection are from Bowles to his friend, Ira Cohen, and pertain to Bowles' life in Morocco and his interest in the music of Morocco and Thailand. Bowles was particularly interested in Moroccan hypnotic music and made a commercial recording of it. go to website >>

Tamtam Books

Guy Debord,Wallace Berman..published by Tosh Berman go to website >>


Free and legal music on request go to website >>


Independent lo-budget movies of Burke Roberts go to website >>


Myspace for Tsunami Edizioni, publishers of the Italian edition of Joe Ambrose's book, Moshpit Culture. go to website >>


Site of the Irish town where Joe Ambrose was born. Iteresting historical material. go to website >>


shop and gallery. electronic go to website >>

Stu Mead

Site of the artist Stu Mead go to website >>

Mercier Press

Publishers of Joe Ambrose's Irish history books go to website >>

lazarus corporation

cut ups, art, writing, noise, research and anger go to website >>


Funkiest literary/punk/cultural/political pub in the world. The genial host is Gerry O'Boyle, the Irish Jay Gatsby. Regular hangout of Shane McGowan, Pete Doherty and, occasionally, Kate Moss. go to website >>


Kind of an arts lab, kind of a sound lab, a proper gallery. go to website >>

Chelsea Hotel Manhattan myspace

Esclusive extracts from Chelsea Hotel Manhattan, music, outtakes, photographs, blogs, news of forthcoming events, Chelsea Hotel-style friends. go to website >>

Spencer Kansa

Did 10% album cover photograph. collaborator on Chelsea Hotel Manhattan which features his interviews with Bowles, Burroughs, Ginsberg, etc go to website >>


Dan Stuart's colourful celebration of NYC highlife, UK lowlife, plus some cool DVDs on sale. go to website >>

Ira Cohen

NYC poet/photographer who worked closely with Paul Bowles, William BUrroughs etc., and who is featured in Chelsea Hotel Manhattan go to website >>

Marcel Duchamp

A site dedicated to the art and ideas of Marcel Duchamp. go to website >>

Tara Telephone

Welcome homage to the Irish poetry and rock collective which eventually gave the world Horslips and poetry publishers Gallery Press. go to website >>

Paul Bowles

The definitive and official Paul Bowles site, stuffed full of interviews, essays, and photographs. go to website >>

Manic D Press

San Francisco-based independent publisher, bringing the underground into the open air. They've published The Civil Disobediance Handbook and Underground Guides to American Cities go to website >>

Green on Red

The recently reformed kings of Bukowski rock ride out of the sunset, bringing with them some of the most transgressive rock music possible go to website >>


Publishers of my book Chelsea Hotel Manhattan plus an exciitng list concerning film culture, mondo, counterculture, gigs from hell. go to website >>

Jack Sargeant

Sargeant is the author a lot of books including Naked Lens – Beat Cinema, Lost Highways: An Illustrated History of Road Movies, and Deathrripping – The Cinema of Transgression. An authority of all things transgressive and countercultural. go to website >>

Chuck Prophet

After years in Green on Red, during which time he and Dan Stuart wrote the book on Bukowski Rock, Chuck pursured a solo career laden down with pithy, idiosyncratic songs blending soul, sex, and casual brilliance. He contirubted to 10%, providing music for Herbert Huncke and Stanley Booth. go to website >>

Gary Panter

Maybe the most influential graphic artist of his generation, Panter was head set designer for Pee Wee’s Playhouse and did the cover of the first Red Hot Chilli Peppers album. go to website >>

living with legends

Chelsea Hotel writers, painters, musicians, fashionistas, past and present. Interviews with all sorts, gossip, hairdressers, very NYC today. go to website >>

Andrew Sclanders sells rare, signed, or first edition Beat Generation books. This is the place to go looking for your first edition of Naked Lunch or a signed copy of Nova Express. He also vends counterculture titles, rock books, and that sort of thing. go to website >>

Daniel Figgis

Daniel Figgis is an ambitious composer. Joe Ambrose is working with him on a project concerning the novelist Laurence Sterne and he is busy organising what will be his first opera. go to website >>

A really beautiful site, outsideleft is a transatlantic magazine of popular and unpopular culture. I'm the Literary Editor and I also contribute a From the Moshpit column. Stuff about Kate Moss, the Chapman Brothers, Frida Kahlo, and Michael Caine. go to website >>

Resonance FM

Maybe the best radio station in the world. Weird shit, great discussions, unheard voices, experimental music, the sound of cultures in collision or collusion or collapse. go to website >>

Fiction. Short stories. Live literary events in the UK. Details on literary magazines looking for contribtions. Writer's workshops. go to website >>

The Horse Hospital

The Horse Hospital/Chamber of Pop Culture is one of London's most important arts venues. Particularly strong on film events. Islamic Diggers brought Richard Hell and Anita Pallenberg there. Horse Hospital Radio on Resonance FM is one of the best shows on the radio. go to website >>


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