Dan Breen

Public Enemy No. 1
This Wanted poster, from British archives, differs substantially for the poster to be seen in Dan Breen's autobiography and in Joe Ambrose's Dan Breen and the IRA.

Joe's book, Dan Breen and the IRA, is the story of Breen and the IRA leaders told in their own words and from their point of view. The book reexamines every aspect of their story, utilising new research and previously unseen material. It’s a hugely controversial story. Not all of the IRA leaders were as democratically minded as Breen. Farmers were forced at gunpoint to fund the IRA. Candidates were forced at gunpoint to withdraw from elections.

Peter Beresford Ellis, in his review of Dan Breen and the IRA, wrote "Joe Ambrose's study is a fascinating analysis of the real Dan Breen, cutting through the various public images of the man to get to an understanding of this most famous and contentious son of Tipperary. It's a absorbing book. I suppose the phrase 'essential study' may be a little overdone these days but, if anyone is really interested in this all important period in Irish history, then there is no other way of describing it. Its easy style, its arguments, makes it an involving read."

Dan Breen and the IRA and many other books concerning the Irish War of Independence are available from the Amazon shop on this site.

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