Brion Gysin and Felicity Mason

Here is what Matthew Levi Stevens had to say about Falicity Mason: "Remembering Felicity Mason, who was born 14th December 1917. Heiress, former debutante, British Intelligence Agent, occasional actress and PR to the Italian film industry, writer, traveller, and pioneering sexual adventurer. She met William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin [with whom she is pictured, @ The October Gallery in 1981] and Hamri the Painter in Morocco in the 1950s, remaining lifelong friends with all three. Her erotic adventures as a middle-aged woman – usually with much younger men - were documented in two novels, ‘The Love Habit’ and ‘The Love Quest’ (written under the pen-name of “Anne Cummings”), about which Burroughs wrote: “Anne Cummings is the forerunner of the truly emancipated woman of the future, who is casual about her emancipation. Love affairs, she feels, should provide divertissement, not disillusionment. Sex is something to enjoy, a means of universal communication that bridges the generation gap.” She was well-known for her encouragement & patronage of artists & writers (Malcom McNeill attended her breakfasts in New York; Terry Wilson was sponsored by her in London) and she continued to be a force to be reckoned with, even after she had been diagnosed HIV positive in her late 60s. I remember meeting her at the London Film-Maker’s Co-Op in the late 80s, where her loyalty to the memory of Brion and Antony Balch was unmistakable. She also appeared at the ‘Here To Go Show’ in Dublin in 1992, and one of her last public appearances a few months before she died was on a TV nude chat show for Valentine’s Day, “to make the point that older people are sexual beings.” She died at the Terence Higgins Trust’s London Lighthouse on 27th August 1993."

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