El Muniria, Tangier, 1961

Tangier Beat Generation
Peter Orlovsky legs crossed, William Burroughs with camera and hat for sun, Allen Ginsberg white pants, Allen Ansen (W. H. Auden's & Burrough's part-time amanuensis), Gregory Corso sunglassed & minox'd, Ian Sommerville (Burrough's strobiscope-electronics sound assistant technician) on right, Paul Bowles seated squinting in bright noon light along Burrough's doorway-garden wall, 1961 Tangier. Photo probably taken by Michael Portman. Joe Ambrose wrote about Choukri in his essay, Tangier Beat Generation, which can be read in the Other Words section of this site. He also wrote about the Tangier Beat scene in the Winter 2007 edition of START magazine, which can be downloaded from the link on this site.

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